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Having Technical Difficulties

Quick helpful tips:
  1. If you encounter any streaming issues , Clear cache and cookies (Learn how to here) or Try a different browser OR Try a different device (mobile browser, tablet, if available).
  2. If you get an error about being blocked after you have refreshed or accessed the event several times, please reach out to our friendly Customer Support Team here.
  3. As the very last resort and for TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE FROM WACK STAFF CONTACT 1-868-761-6576 or email for assistance.
  4. Using a Smart TV - Find a browser or browser enabled app on the television such as Amazon Silk, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome app access our page directly from this app or page. Simply enter the event link and log in from there.
  5. Using Chrome Cast to view on a big screen - Click Here

Test Your Player Before Live Events Here

Ensure that you have the following:
  • A steady and reliable Internet Service Provider
  • Computer/Laptop Mobile Device
  • Good and sound audio device (Speakers)